Michael Mundia Kamau's Website

Karibu... i.e. "Welcome" in Kiswahili

Welcome to Kenya (a digital piece, that is!)

There’s this scene I really liked in the 1992 movie “Shogun Mayeda”, where in a dramatic standoff, the star of the movie Sho Kosugi (“Mayeda”), declared that “This ship is Japanese territory…!”

Well this website isn’t exactly Kenyan territory (or Japanese either!), but it has a lot to do with Kenya

My names are Michael Mundia Kamau, I am Kenyan born, Kenyan raised and Kenyan educated, and this is my story

There’s quite a mouthful on this website, ranging from “About me”, to my writings, to my acrimonious summary dismissal from Barclays Advisory and Registrar Services Limited, and it’s closure soon thereafter. The matter of my summary dismissal from Barclays Advisory and Registrar Services Limited unfortunately still remains unresolved…

Linked to the mentioned Barclays Advisory and Registrar Services Limited, is also a rather interesting and lengthy saga on massive cross-border stock market fraud in which I played a part in uncovering, involving Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and possibly, the United States of America. This matter unfortunately, also remains unresolved…

Then of-course, there’s also quite a packed photo gallery (i.e. “Simply You”), that I certainly hope you shall enjoy. Yeah, it’s makes a difference seeing the “face” of the person you are reading about (or should that be the “face” behind the person you are reading about?). Credit to my parents for the good condition in which they have kept many of the photos you shall view (and for bringing us up as well, of-course!)

I am also extremely grateful to http://www.webs.com/ (formerly http://members.freewebs.com/), for according me the opportunity to build and host this website free of charge. Yes, you’d better believe it…! I built this website on my own, guided by very user-friendly software provided by the said http://www.webs.com/  - it’s taken me just under a month to do so!

I first got to know of http://www.webs.com/ (then http://members.freewebs.com/), in January 2008, when I used Google to search the internet for “free website building and hosting”. The most prominent and attractive from the search was http://www.webs.com/ (then http://members.freewebs.com/), but I suspended the venture to set up my own personal website until October/November 2008, because of other equally pressing personal matters.

So here it is, folks…!

A warm welcome aboard everyone! Like I say, this website is quite a mouthful, so wherever it is in the world that you are browsing, I hope you are “browsing economy” (i.e. cheap rates!)